5 Questions For Jane Hornby

November 5, 2010

5 Questions For Jane Hornby

1. Your book is called What to cook & how to cook it – are they any dishes that still scare you or you never get right?

Everything in this book is tried and tested, not scary but I couldn’t prepare you a crab with ease as I don’t do it often, I always buy twice the amount of nuts I need as I always end up burning them in the oven.

2. What is one recipe every home cook should master?

A roast, probably the chicken because everyone will enjoy it and it’s a great way to share food with friends and family. If there’s any leftover and there’s usually not, the leftovers are great too.

3. Dinner parties are back in a big way – what’s your never-fail dinner for friends menu?

The antipasti from the sharing chapter that I can prepare ahead of time, followed by the Mediterranean Fish Stew, it’s divine and all in one pan dish and you can vary the fish included to suit. My table cooking isn’t stressed with endless courses it’s about spending time with friends so maybe followed by chocolate pots, everyone’s favourite.

4. What’s a great recipe to get kids cooking and involved in the kitchen?

Depending on the age group children love instant gratification so for something sweet chocolate chip cookies and for savoury pasta with tomato sauce.

5. Your Beginner’s Christmas Dinner will be a hit with first-time Christmas hosts. What are your top tips for the big day and what are you looking forward to cooking this Christmas?

My tip would be to prepare ahead, a time plan sounds scary but will be useful for a first time Christmas host, a list, as it works back from the time you want to serve allowing for roasting and resting times, consider oven size and temperatures, think about delegating jobs for drinks etc, you need to enjoy the day too! Because I’m British I’ll be making a pudding but will be adding plenty of orange zest and cinnamon to my ice-cream. Merry Christmas !

What to Cook and How to Cook It by Jane Hornby, $A59.95 $NZ67, www.phaidon.com.

Find Jane’s cinnamon roll recipe here!

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