5 Rabbit Vibrators With Pleasantly Surprising Features

August 1, 2019

Ride these rabbits all the way to O-Town. 

Six months ago, I didn’t even know what a vibrator was.

It wasn’t until my first day in the SHESAID office that I was introduced to the world of sex toys, and it’s changed my life for the better.

Easing myself in, I started with an entry-level bullet vibrator which was fine, but nothing to write home about. I was still confused about all of the sex toy the hype until I took home my first rabbit vibe.

Do you know that episode of Sex and the City where Charlotte gets addicted to her vibrator?

I could relate.

Not only are rabbits among the more visually appealing (read: cuter) sex toys, but they are also one of the best at getting you to climax.

I was raised to be ashamed of my sexuality and was taught that, as a woman, sex was not something to be enjoyed but an obligation I owed a man. But I’ve never been one to wait around for a man so I took matters into my own hands. And by matters, I mean a rabbit vibrator.

But while I have seen the light, the ever-present stigma surrounding sexual pleasure makes it difficult for many to reap the full benefits of masturbation. We are taught that flicking the bean is shameful and something to be embarrassed by.

This couldn’t be further from the truth, It’s time for us to reclaim our bodies from the antiquated notion that women can’t enjoy sex.

Thankfully, the good people at Adam & Eve are helping us fight this stigma. They’re giving you a 50 percent discount off any of the toys featured in this article, or anything else on their site.  Just enter the coupon code: “SHESAID” at checkout to take advantage of this deal, plus free shipping in the US and Canada (Note that this discount applies to one item only, and some exclusions apply.)

So, what are you waiting for? Hop to trying one of these rabbit vibes for a thumping good time…

1. Eves Deluxe Rabbit Thumper

Thump, thump, thump. If you love the sensation of fingertips on your G-spot, this powerful silicone rabbit vibe has the secret little feature for you; a tip that thumps against your G-Spot, while bunny ears nestle your clit. The gentle curve of the shaft is expertly crafted to hit all the sweet spots, and the nine massaging, thumping and pulsating vibration options means you can really make this little bunny your own. Rabbit vibes target the G-spot as well as the clit – that’s why they’re so damn popular with women – but the added bonus of the thumping tip takes this bunny to the next level. It’s also completely submersible, so you can play in the shower or bath as well. 

Buy it here

2. Evolved Wild Orchid

This dual motor silicone vibrator is unique because of its curvy shape and the fact that one motor in the shaft works hard to tantalize your G-spot, and the other vibrates in the clitoral stimulator. You can use both together or separately, for all kinds of orgasms, sensations and explorations. Tech-wise, it’s USB rechargeable, waterproof and easy-to-use controls (which is handy, because of the multiple ways this toy can be used). It’s girthier than other models, which is great if you’re after a full feeling down there.
Buy it here

3. Bendy Bunny

Want a vibrator that you can bend and twist and adapt to be perfect for you? Look no further than this bendy bunny vibe. The smooth silicone curves gently in all directions so you can hit the spots YOU want it to hit. The ribbing on the head and shaft make things interesting, with eight speeds and functions in the shaft and in the bunny ears, allowing you to customize things further to your liking. Waterproof and cordless, this is one bunny you’ll be bending yourself over backward to use (Note: using this toy while bending over backward could just be a great position to try!).

Buy it here

4. Warming Rabbit G

A vibrator that gets you off is one thing, but what about one that hides a hot and sexy secret? This vibe heats up to an erotic 107 degrees Fahrenheit – shaft and tip – and has five different vibrations in the shaft and five in the clitoral stimulator. Want to heat things up in the shower? Well, this toy is also completely submersible. The heating feature means this toy can be used for a range of different sensations; try rubbing the heated vibe on your partner’s nipples, or through their clothing. The combo of warmth and vibrations will have you coming (pun absolutely intended) back for more

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5. Jack Rabbit Signature Thrusting

A rabbit vibe with vibrating functions in the head and bunny ears is one thing, but what about one that thrusts? The bunny hears have seven different vibe and pulse functions, but the real magic of this joy lies in the up-and-down thrusting motions of the tip. With three different thrusting speeds to choose from, and the ability to control vibration and thrusting independently, this is a must-have rabbit vibe. Play in the bedroom or the bathroom as it’s completely waterproof, and made from luxuriously soft silicone.

Buy it here. (Please note that this product only allows a 25% discount).

Remember, get 50% off any of the products and toys featured in this article with our friends at Adam & EveJust enter the code: “SHESAID” at checkout to take advantage of this deal, plus free shipping in the US and Canada (discount applies to one item only. Some exclusions apply).

Featured image via unsplash.com

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