5 Reader Questions For Anita Shreve

September 27, 2011

If you could write a novel about the story of your life, what would be the title? – Luci

Anita thought this was a great question, has never been asked before! However she felt that she would need time to consider an appropriate answer.

Has there even been a character in one of your books that you have not wanted to let go of? When do you know that its time to end the book? – Anna

In The Testimony, there was a young boy by the name of Foley who she felt a close affinity to. But most of the time she explained to me that she knows when the final sentence come to her, but what she can’t predict is where she will be and what she will be doing when this happens.

Out of all the books you’ve written which is your personal favourite and why? Does it hold special meaning to you? – Steph

Each novel written by Anita holds an independent place in her heart, yet she is very pragmatic about her achievements. She understands that we the readers are probably more attached to the characters than she is and that is her gift.

Who was your hero growing up and who is your hero now, is it the same person? And did they inspire you to start writing in any way? – Jasmine

Anita’s hero was her father, he was her inspiration, her guide and her mentor growing up through life. She enjoyed a super close relationship with him and has dedicated several of her books to him.

Do you ever wake up at night with a line or paragraph that you want to add to your book? If so, do you keep paper and pen beside your bed? – Amanda

Anita told me of an incident whereby she was walking around the lake near her home, as she does for her daily exercise, and midway through her hour walk a final sentence came to her for one of her novels and she had to constantly keep saying it over and over and over again until she reached her car in order for her to write it down on paper.

She did say inspiration for her stories does come at inconvenient times and that her husband had suggested she wear a small pad and paper on a string around her neck, but I think he was joking as she is far too stylish and classy to be seen wearing anything like that! Although it could be quite practical and she did mention how inconvenient these thoughts do sometimes come to mind.

What’s your favourite Anita Shreve novel?

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