5 Reasons To Stay Away From Fake Bags

August 3, 2012

Those ‘it’ bag replicas might be tempting…but are you really getting a bargain? Here’s 5 good reasons not to fake it.

1. Even if the fake bag looks good at first glance, it will not have the durability of a true designer bag. So you might end up having to spend on another bag very soon, while authentic bags will serve you for years.

2. The materials used to produce replica bags, are often cheaper and more crude. The fake bags are often stiff, the leather will quickly start to crack and show signs of wear.

3. The fake bag might be heavier, and more prone to deformations.

4. Fakes often only mimic the details and craftsmanship of real bags, but even an untrained eye will be able to spot a fake. Do you really want to be “that girl who carries around the fake bag?”

5. When you invest in an authentic designer item, it not only retains its value, but in some cases can appreciate over time. Which means that buying authentic goods is a true investment.

So think twice. Or trice. Sometimes saving up for that perfect bag might seem hard, but in the long run, it’s a good strategy.

One of our favourite online shopping sites Reebonz has a zero tolerance for fakes policy. If it’s not the real deal, it will not make it’s way into their events.

Plus they’re giving SheSaid readers $20 credit towards any purchase! Click here to redeem the offer!

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