5 Reasons To Visit Croatia This Summer

June 16, 2015

Although it might be known as the party capital of Europe during summer, Croatia is actually brimming with rich culture and tradition. If you’re looking to skip the party scene this summer, be sure to experience the following sights and scenes if you’re in the country – or just add it to your future bucket list!

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Where: Dubrovnik Sea Kayaking and Snorkelling

Since Croatia is located on the coast, it is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the entire world. If you love being outdoors, water sports are extremely popular in Dubrovnik, especially if you’re into kayaking and snorkelling. Most sessions last for 3 hours and the small group tour is essential if you want to socialise and meet new people on your trip.

5 Reasons To Visit Croatia This Summer


Where: Minceta Tower

The ancient city of Dubrovnik is known for its defensive stone walls which protected inhabitants during the early 7th century. Today, the city has joined the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites and still continues to be a hit with travellers all over the globe. Minceta Tower is a must-see since it overlooks the entire city and is the highest point of Dubrovnik.

5 Reasons To Visit Croatia This Summer


Sail Croatia

You don’t have to be with the party scene to sail Croatia, but it is highly recommended if you’re visiting between the months of June until September. The Adriatic Coast is a must-see for tourists since it is truly stunning during the warmer months of the year.

5 Reasons To Visit Croatia This Summer


Where: Konoba Opat

There’s no denying that Croatia is known of its Mediterranean flair, and Konoba Opat is one restaurant you must try. Their speciality is fresh fish which is caught by locals just hours prior. Pair with a crisp white wine and you’ve got the perfect combination.

5 Reasons To Visit Croatia This Summer

National Parks

Where: Plitvice Lakes

Get outdoors and explore many of the national parks spread throughout the peninsula. One of the most popular areas has to be Plitvice Lakes which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, easily accessible through Zagreb.

5 Reasons To Visit Croatia This Summer

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