5 Reasons You Should Visit Denmark

April 25, 2015

Since we have already shared travel tips on Sweden, why not share some of the best places to eat, drink, and sight-see if you’re heading down to Denmark?

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Located on the banks of the Denmark River, this charming country is known all over the world for its rich Viking background, but also a modern charm which is unlike any other country. Below are just a few places you must-see if you’re ever in Denmark (Copenhagen to be precise) for a short time only.

Amusement park

Tivoli Gardens: Vesterbrogade 3, 1630 Kobenhavn

Travelling with the kids? Why not take them to one of Denmark’s oldest amusement parks, Tivoli Gardens. Serving as an inspiration to Disneyland and still popular since its inception in 1843, the amusement park is just a few minutes away from City Hall and is open every single day from 11am-11pm.


Boat tours

Canal Tours Copenhagen: Nyhavn 3 Kobenhavn

Since Denmark is mostly surrounded by water, taking a boat tour is one of the best way to see the city (and stay away from the rain during the winter months!). It’s one of the best way to see some of the biggest tourist sites such as the Little Mermaid Statue, Royal Library, and the Opera House.



Noma: Strandgade 93, 1401 Kobenhavn

Known for its modern take on traditional Nordic cuisine, there are many amazing places to eat in the city. Not only is it home to Noma, one of the best restaurants in the world with a two-star Michelin rating – but there’s a waiting list, so make sure to book your table in advance!



ARoS: Aros Allé 2 8000 Aarhus

Escape the rain and head to one of biggest modern flagship museums in Aarhus, ARoS. Featuring stunning exhibitions such as Boy, vintage Impressionist art by Monet, and even some thrilling works by Danish artists themselves. Tickets are $20 for adults and children under the age of 18 are free.



Andersen Boutique Hotel: Helgolandsgade 12, 1653 Kobenhavn V

If you want to stay mainly in the city centre of Copenhagen, Andersen Hotel is one of the best choices. Boasting modern living spaces – which will make Ikea jealous – and a cosy atmosphere, it’s close to the hustle and bustle of the city and main tourist destinations.

Alternatively. you could rent unique accommodation with the help of Airbnb, which starts at just $50 per night. You choose whether you want to stay in a house, apartment, or even a boat!


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