5 Reasons To Visit Florence

August 12, 2015
5 Reasons To Visit Florence

Often dubbed as one of the most beautiful cities in Italy (sorry, Venice), Firenze is just a short trip from Rome and easily accessible by car, train or even plane. Still looking for a few reasons to add this magical city to your bucket-list this summer?

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The history

The Uffizi Gallery and Accademia are both fascinating art galleries located right in the centre of Florence. Did you know that they are home to some of the less-popular pieces by Michaelangelo? Who knew!

If art isn’t really your forte, just look up. The streets are filled with stunning buildings are architecture you can enjoy – for free. Not to mention that Florence was the birth of the renaissance…

5 Reasons To Visit Florence

The food

The glorious, glorious, food! You’re definitely spoiled for choice when it comes to a delicious meal in Florence, especially if you’re into the holy trinity (pasta, gelato, and pizza).

5 Reasons To Visit Florence

The proximity

Florence is definitely a city in which you should bring a pair of comfortable shoes. There’s lots of walking involved, but this isn’t always a bad thing! Even if your hotel isn’t booked in the historic city centre, you’re bound to find something to love about this picturesque city.

Skip the bus, pass on the cab, and don’t even bother getting an Uber to explore the rustic alleyways of Florence.

5 Reasons To Visit Florence

The wine

Wine-tasting tours are plentiful, especially during the summer months, so take advantage and head to beautiful Tuscany for a weekend getaway. It’s the best way to escape the hustle of the city, and relax with a delicious glass of homemade Italian wine.

5 Reasons To Visit Florence

The shopping

Finish off your trip with a touch of shopping at some of the famous markets in the city. Known for their leather goods (bags, clothes, accessories), you can score a bargain if you know how to haggle. Just make sure to keep your eyes on your belongings – pick-pocketing is popular in these areas.

5 Reasons To Visit Florence

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