5 Reasons To Visit Greece This Summer

May 24, 2015
5 Reasons To Visit Greece This Summer

While we all know that between the months of June to late September, Greece is just one of the party capitals of the Mediterranean. Lots of endless summer nights, blue skies, cocktails and too much sun is the reason everyone wants to escape to the other side of the globe.

If that’s not reason enough to book your ticket, here are five more reasons Greece should be on your bucket list.

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A healthy Mediterranean diet is just what the doctor ordered – seriously, no wonder it’s one of the most healthiest eating plans in the entire world.

Indulge in fresh seafood, dishes containing in-excess of olive oil, and most importantly make sure to sleep away the food coma with an afternoon nap.

5 Reasons To Visit Greece This Summer


This one might seem a little obvious, but the weather in Europe is unlike anywhere else. Hot summers, humid nights, followed by a cool thunderstorm to set everything back to normal.

Don’t forget to pack some heavy duty SPF 50+ since the sun can be brutal. But it does give us a good excuse to cool off with a cold frappé.

5 Reasons To Visit Greece This Summer


Nobody does summer better than the Greek Islands (no shade to the mainland or Athens either). Whether you’re looking to relax with a good book, or party hard at Tropicana until the sun comes along, you’ll find something which is perfect for your trip.

5 Reasons To Visit Greece This Summer


Take a few days off the party calendar and make sure to visit some of the culture institutions your holiday has to offer. The island of Crete is home to endless memorials during WWII, which are sure to bring you back down to earth after a whirlwind holiday.

5 Reasons To Visit Greece This Summer


If you’re in Greece for a few weeks, why not plan a cruise trip around the major islands? This way, you can visit some of the major sites without over-staying your welcome, and meet new friends along the way. Escape the party atmosphere of Mykonos and visit other islands such as Kos, Naxos, and Ios for a relaxing end to your trip.

5 Reasons To Visit Greece This Summer

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