5 Reasons You Should Visit Moscow

October 19, 2014

Moscow is a city with unprecedented history, rich culture, and best of all – there’s so much to do while you’re in town. Although this might not be a popular tourist choice given that a tour guide is mostly recommended on most blogs, don’t let the warnings discourage you from this magnificent city.

Whether you’re travelling through Moscow in the summer or chilly winter months, below are just a few places you cannot miss if you’re ever in town.

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Moscow is known for it’s various museums which are spread throughout the entire city. Even if you aren’t so interested in spending your days with a tour guide – you really don’t need to! Most museums are completely open to the public, which means that you’re free to roam wherever you like.

Have a taste of the more traditional culture by visiting the Pushkin Museum which has been dubbed one of the best tourist locations in Moscow. It features some of Pushkin’s most treasured works – which you can’t find anywhere else!

Pushkin State Musuem of Fine Arts

Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts – ulitsa Volkhonka, 12, Moscow 119019


Most Russian literature romanticises the majestic parks and natural beauties of the city – and rightfully so! Gorky Park is one of the most popular attractions since it opened in 1928. Located in the heart of the city, both locals and tourists can enjoy an impromptu picnic, enjoy a meal by the water, and just relax in one of the park’s many gazebo’s.

With more than 40,000 visitors over the weekends, there is no denying that this is a central meeting place for both locals and travellers looking to relax and unwind.

Pushkin State Musuem of Fine Arts

Gorky Park – ulitsa Krymskiy Val, 9, Moscow 119049

Train Stations

It feels a bit weird suggesting a train station as a major sightseeing location – but this is definitely essential for anyone who loves architecture. Russia is known for it’s intricately detailed subway designs, most of which were erected in the late 1800s, and feature remarkable architectural trends which reflect the time. Just like walking through an art gallery, isn’t it?

5 Reasons You Should Visit Moscow

Komsomolskaya Station – Komsomolskaya Square, Moscow


There is no denying that Russian style is quickly emerging as the one-to-watch on fashion blogs all over the world. Modern-day fashionistas such as Elena Perminova, Mirsoslava Duma, and Dasha Zhukova have created an unprecedented buzz and the world just wants more! But what are the best places to buy your own piece of Russian style?

Large-scale department stores such as TsUM and Tsvetnoy Central Market both offer a solid amount of established as well as up-and-coming Russian designers to the general public. If you want something that can’t be replaced, then definitely check out Vernissage at Izmailovo – which is the largest souvenir market in the country.

Pushkin State Musuem of Fine Arts

TsUM – ulitsa Petrovka, 2, Moscow


If there’s one thing that any foodie will enjoy in Moscow, it’s definitely the sprawling cafes and restaurants which feature so prominently throughout the entire city. Only in Moscow will you find a fusion like no-other, featuring traditional Russian foods which a subtle touch of European flair.

Make sure to check out many of the food trucks which offer a quick street-meal at a very affordable price.

Pushkin State Musuem of Fine Arts

White Rabbit – Smolenskaya ploshchad’, 3, Moscow

Images via Timeout, Trip Advisor, Deviant Art, Interacticity, Skyscraper City

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