5 Reasons Why You Should Smile More

May 13, 2013

Smiling doesn’t just make you feel happy, it’s actually been proven to help your confidence and be good for your health. So here’s 5 good reason to smile more everyday! Leading cosmetic dentist Dr Michael Tam of www.cosmeticdentistaustralia.com.au shares 5 good reason to smile more everyday!

1. Smiling will make you attractive and approachable

Most people consider a person’s smile to be the most important feature when it comes to making a good first impression. Research shows that 94 per cent of men and women said they notice a person’s smile before noticing their eyes, height or their figure. Additionally, a person who is smiling is generally perceived to be friendly and approachable and an attractive smile connotes a certain type of personality.

2. Smiling can change your mood

In psychology, there is a theory called the ‘facial feedback’ hypothesis, which states that facial movement can influence emotional experience. In simple terms, an individual may actually be able to improve their mood by simply smiling. For example, someone who is forced to smile during a social event will actually come to find it more enjoyable.

Test this theory at home by watching a cartoon with friend. One of you should hold a pencil in your teeth while doing so, the other should smile. Both rate the cartoon while doing so and see who has the most enjoyable results!

3. Smiling improves health

Numerous medical and psychological studies have found that through the triggering of certain hormones, a smile promotes good overall health. It can lead to lower heart rates, steady breathing and the ability to smile through stressful situations.

Smiling has been found to boost levels of the neurotransmitter serotonin, which is a vital part of regulating our moods. There is a biological connection to elements of happiness in the production of serotonin. Also smiling can trigger the production of endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers.

An American study also found a direct link between smiling and a boosted immune system!

4. Smiling makes you appear successful

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry found that an attractive smile can make an individual appear more intelligent, interesting, successful and wealthy to others. Participants of the study were shown pictures of eight individuals and asked to quickly judge the people as to how attractive, intelligent, happy, successful in their career, friendly, interesting, kind, wealthy, popular with the opposite sex and sensitive to other people they were. Those judged most successful had recently undergone cosmetic dentistry.

5. Smiling relieves stress

As a result of all of above smiling can actually relieve stress. Plus, our brain normally uses 24 per cent of our oxygen. Long-term smiling creates an additional 10 per cent of oxygen and glucose into the bloodstream. This in turn energizes, improves learning, and increases memory. Smiling gives you that extra oxygen and competitive edge and depending on your occupation, having the edge can reduce stress!

Go on – make someone smile today!

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