5 Road Trip Games For Kids

January 5, 2015
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You’ve packed everything you can possibly need, you’ve filled up the tank and you’ve checked the route, but that long car trip is still on your mind – your kids will need something to do or they’ll drive you nuts. Hopefully, your trip will be much more fun with these 5 road trip games.

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1. Guessing games

You’ve probably played the board game “Guess Who?” and it can be easily adapted to something you play without a board. One family member thinks of a person (a famous person, someone you know, a fairy tale character – you can come up with endless variation) and the rest of the family ask ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions until they guess.

2. Count cars

Ask the kids to guess the most common car colour, then get them to test their guesses by counting the cars that they see on the road. If you have more than one child, each child can count their own colour and later compare their numbers. Otherwise, you may need a pen and paper – split it into sections for each colour you’re going to count and ask your child to put a mark in the relevant section for every car you see on the road.

3. Find it

Choose an item that you’re likely to see on your trip – a road sign, a tree, people walking. Then pick a number, say 5, and challenge your kids to find 5 of the items you have chosen.

4. “I spy” – self-guided version

While “I spy” is a great game to play on a road trip, sometimes you just want peace and quiet. You can achieve it by preparing some “I spy” sheets in advance. Write down some letters and leave space for the kids to fill out objects they see beginning with that letter. If you have pre-school kids, who can only recognise the first letter but not spell the whole word, they can draw their findings. You can even offer a prize for a completed sheet.

5. Travel bingo

This is another activity that requires a little bit of preparation. Before you leave, make some bingo sheets with items you’re likely to see on the road. Use words (if your children can read) or pictures. Then each child will cross out an item they see on the way until they fill the whole card.

When your family is having fun in the car, you’ll be there before you know it!

Image by SplitShire via pixabay.com

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