5 Rules For A First Date

May 7, 2014
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First dates can be awkward and embarrassing experiences when you don’t know each other very well. Without stating the obvious such as being punctual and splitting the bill (or whatever you prefer), a good first impression is essential so be considerate of one another and most importantly have fun. Our following rules for a first date should land you the one in no time.

1. Travel solo

While it’s nice to get picked up by your date from home, we highly recommend making your own way there and back. Why? If the date isn’t what you expected, you have your own person getaway planned without relying on anyone else. We’re not suggesting you pick up and leave like a Runaway Bride, it’s just better not to depend on your date for a ride home.

2. The X Factor

This one goes without saying, it’s probably best not to mention your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend to another potential date. Nobody wants to deal with baggage from a previous relationship, so uttering your ex’s bad traits isn’t the best way into your date’s good books. Instead, get to know your partner without bringing up each other’s past.

3. Be engaging

Leave any narcissistic personalities at the door. First dates rely on first impressions which could make or break a possibility of a future relationship. Don’t brag on about yourself, rather engage your date and try to get to know them. This isn’t a sales pitch or a speech, so be courteous and show interest.

4. Put away your phone

Show your date that you respect them and their time, by limiting the use of your phone. If you find yourself more interested in Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, it’s probably best to stay home in the first place. Can you answer an incoming call? Sure, but politely excuse yourself and answer it elsewhere. Nothing is more irritating than hearing someone on the phone in front of you.

5. Don’t drink too much

Know your limits and don’t drink too much on a first date. Slurry speech and disorientation aren’t an attractive quality and won’t land you a second or third date.

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By Felicia Sapountzis

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