5 Secrets To Finding An Amazing Hairstylist

July 8, 2014
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They say in the best of times and in the worst of times, a hair stylist is often a women’s best friend. An IBISWorld’s market research report published in February found that in the face of turbulent economic times, the Australian hair industry has performed surprisingly well over the last five years, and so, perhaps this is true.

But with over 21 000 hair salons to choose from across the country, how should a woman know where to turn when her black roots are two inches-thick the day before a first date? Well, here is a fool-proof list for to ensure you walk out of the salon with both ears intact and without a tinge of green through your hair:

  1. Check the salon’s online reviews: People are amazingly honest online. So, if you want to hear first-hand about someone’s great or not-so-great experience with a salon, just tap their name Google.  
  2. Look for the salons that stand out from the crowd: No matter where you live, there is likely to be a hair salon on almost every second street and it can be difficult to choose the best. Keep a special eye out for the salons that perform consistently well at the national-level, such as those who win industry awards. These salons are not necessarily the most expensive!
  3. Ask for a consultation: You should never let anyone touch your hair without discussing it first.  Be clear about what you want and be especially clear about what you don’t want. The best salons often feature ‘‘consultation zones’’ dedicated to talking over their clients’ needs.
  4. Expect good service: As a paying customer, you deserve excellent, one-on-one service. It doesn’t matter if you are just popping in for a trim or for an entire make-over, you should be your stylist’s focus from the second you walk through the door.
  5. Be prepared to pay a little more: Good quality hair styling is not always cheap. However, unlike clothes or a pair of shoes, you have to wear your hair day-in and day-out, so you owe it to yourself to keep it in good shape. Sometimes the best stylists might charge a bit more than the local barber.





Elysium Hair and Beauty, located on Adelaide street in Brisbane’s CBD, consistently puts their customer first and they have the awards to show it. Earlier this year, Elysium was named the best salon business in Queensland by the Australian Hair Industry Awards (AHIA). The AHIA are run by revered hair and beauty icon Mocha Publishing and seeks to reward salons for outstanding excellence in their field.

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