5 Signs You Might Have A Thyroid Problem

February 16, 2015
Signs You Might Have A Thyroid Problem

Thyroid-related diseases have become way too common in our society, but are often left undiagnosed for months or even years.

To quickly treat the early stages of this multifaceted disease, it’s important to listen to your body, and regularly report any signs to your general practitioner. Below we have compiled a list of just five common signs that you might be suffering from a thyroid related illness.

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Enlarged neck

One of the most common ways to identify if you have a thyroid problem is through an enlarged, or swollen neck. The glands are often one of the first signs that your thyroid is in turmoil, and can even expand to the size of a goiter or enlarged gland. Your doctor can easily examine the area, and run a few non-invasive tests on your next check-up.

Hair loss

Increased hair loss is another huge sign that your body could be suffering from an overactive thyroid. We’re not just talking a few stray hairs after the shower, this is mostly hair which falls out in thick patches, but also constantly feels very dry and brittle.

Family history

If you have an extensive family history of thyroid disease, it’s important to regularly follow the signs, and get yourself checked out. It can also be accompanied by swollen glands and tonsillitis which are very much misdiagnosed.

Weight gain

Many people suffering from a thyroid related illness usually find themselves gaining much more weight than usual. Even sticking to a low-calorie or sugarless diet won’t help if you’re suffering from a hyper thyroid. The correct diagnosis will not only give you peace of mind, but help your body to lose the extra weight through other means.


Sometimes feeling absolutely exhausted after an extensive amount of sleep can be more than just usual fatigue. This is a common symptom of hyperthyroidism which can make you feel like a walking zombie.

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