5 Signs of Pregnancy You Might Not Be Expecting

February 6, 2014

For many women, it can be easy to assume that you’re not pregnant without the usual signs of pregnancy like a missed period or morning sickness. Most of us know common pregnancy symptoms to watch out for, but there are a few unusual ones that you may not have heard of. Read on for 5 more uncommon signs of pregnancy that could help tell you you’re pregnant.

Shortness of Breath
Most women do not know that a shortness of breath can be attributed to the early stages of pregnancy. However, this is a common symptom that can plague new mothers whom are unaware that they are pregnant. Although it can be scary for some, the shortness of breath is primarily due to the need for extra oxygen in the body due to the embryo that is beginning to grow and develop in the womb.

The shortness of breath is known to occur at any time, even when not exercising, and it can last well into the second and third trimester. The shortness of breath can also feel heightened or more uncomfortable when lying down. It’s a common symptom that isn’t dangerous, but should be assessed and monitored by your doctor.

Bleeding or spotting
It can be easy to assume that you’re not expecting when you notice a bit of bleeding or spotting that can commonly be mistaken for a menstrual cycle. This can be experienced as early as five to 10 days after conception as a result of the egg nestling into the uterus in the first few weeks into the pregnancy.

Increased body temperature
Many women experience an increase in their overall body temperature that can last for several weeks without much fluctuation. This is due to a change of metabolism, and you may experience excess sweating as the body attempts to cool itself down. Prevent this by drinking more water and avoiding synthetic or clingy fabrics.

Increased sex drive
One of the most unusual signs of pregnancy (that is more of a bonus!) is an increased libido and sex drive. Fortunately, it’s safe to enjoy sexual activity while pregnant, even into the third trimester. For some women, their sex drive can also decrease. Ultimately, each women is different with how their sex drive is affected by pregnancy.

Increase in nipple size
When pregnant, the areola naturally becomes larger and sometimes darker due to a change in hormones. The nipples can even begin to release fluid before giving birth. Usually the nipples will subside after giving birth and finishing breast-feeding.

Did you experience any unusual signs of pregnancy?

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