5 Simple Tips for Flawless Skin

February 24, 2014

Olivia Jenkins, Kosmea Business Manager, Clear Skin Project author and founder of www.OliviaJenkins.com.au, shares her top five secrets for achieving clear, radiant skin all year round.

1. Remove all processed foods and sugars 
Yes, that means throwing out your favourite chocolate and secret stash of biscuits at work. Processed foods and sugar are one of the key reasons our skin can become inflamed and erupt with acne. Keep your diet simple – just eat more fruit and vegetables!

2. Make water your favourite beverage
When going on health kicks we often forget drinks and the role they play in our health. Make water your favourite beverage and aim to consume around 2 litres per day. Water helps to reduce water retention in the body, flush out your liver and kidneys (thus reducing toxins in the body) and keep skin hydrated. Steer clear of sweetened drinks, especially soft drinks!

3. Smoking and alcohol make your skin ugly
There, I said it. Smoking and alcohol make your skin ugly. Smoking may not have any calories however cigarettes do contain over 300 different chemicals that cause harm to our bodies, including our skin. Keep alcohol to a minimum if you must and opt for an organic wine, free from sulphur dioxide.

4. Get active 20 minutes a day
Walking. Running. Swimming. Jogging. Pilates. Yoga. Stretching. Just be active 20 minutes a day! Modern living means we are constantly driving or sitting down in front of a computer or TV. Ensure you are getting out in the sunshine, fresh air for at least 20 minutes per day. Exercise helps to release endorphins and improve blood circulation resulting in clearer, happier skin.

5. Swap your morning latte for a herbal tea
You’re probably thinking I’m the devil with this one but truth be told, caffeine is not helping your skin. Swap your morning latte for a Green Tea, Parsley Tea or any other type of herbal tea. (Sorry -English Breakfast and Earl Grey are not suitable candidates to be considered a herbal tea!).

What are your best tips for clear skin?

Olivia Jenkins is the daughter of Marie Jenkins, who founded natural skincare brand Kosmea (and pioneered certified organic rose hip oil in Australia). She is passionate about not only natural skincare, but health and wellbeing. In 2013 she launched the Clear Skin Project eBook in conjunction with naturopath Tracey Cook, and this year Olivia launched her own health and wellbeing website www.oliviajenkins.com.au


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