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5 Simple Ways To Stop Being ‘Skinny Fat’

5 Simple Ways To Stop Being ‘Skinny Fat’

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Australians have already spent over $280 million on weightloss products this year, with 75 per cent of individuals admitting it is in the hope of becoming ‘skinny’. But when it comes to being skinny, just how healthy is it?

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One in four skinny people have pre-diabetes and are metabolically obese (according to the Journal of the American Medical Association) making ‘skinny fat’ one of the fastest growing medical conditions. Also termed Metabolically Obese Normal Weight (MONW) it is used to describe a person who is in an ideal weight range but has more body fat than is healthy.

According to Sheila Zhou, expert scientist at USANA high-quality supplements, “Most people don’t realise that there can be health complications to being thin. Being ‘skinny fat’ puts your body under a huge amount of pressure, including added fat around your organs, high cholesterol, and poor blood circulation. However, there are simple ways to get your health back on track.”

Ms. Zhou shares her expert tips for taking the fat out of ‘skinny fat’:

1. Put down the bubbles. It doesn’t sound like much, but saying goodbye to your favourite soft drink can help rid your body of dangerous toxins. The artificial sweeteners in soft drinks mess with your body’s chemicals and their processes, therefore altering your metabolism. Even diet soft drink is just as bad for your health as fried food[3], so there is no escape!

2. Pump more iron. As ‘Skinny Fat’ is essentially too much fat and not enough muscle, weight training is an effective and simple solution. Strength training causes your body to keep the lean muscle, instead of using it as fuel[4]. Weights also activate core muscles, which help organ function.  So, put your runners away and start on those reps.

3. Refuel your oil tank. Sound fishy? It’s not! Even though most of us think oily foods are unhealthy, it is actually the opposite. Omega-3 fat rich foods such as salmon and sardines are delicious ways to reduce blood pressure and stabilize cholesterol[5].

4. Put the kettle on. Stress is one of the main causes of ‘Skinny Fat’, but never fear, rather than quitting your job, the solution is as simple as drinking more tea! Research shows tea heightens emotions of relaxation, and lowers our levels of cortisol after a stressful task[6].  So swap the coffee for tea and you are already one step closer to being a picture of health!

5. Sleep away the cravings. Everyone loves sleep, but how many of us actually get the required 7 to 8 hours a night? If you ever needed an excuse, this is it. It’s been scientifically proven that sleep deprivation alters your metabolism and increases cravings for carbs and sugar[7].  So there’s no need to ever feel guilt about wanting an early night; you’re actually loosing fat from it.

USANA’s HepaPlus contains choline, a substance which helps to emulsify (break down) fats. This helps them to be removed from the liver. Food sources of choline include eggs, beef, salmon, wheat germ and broccoli. All of these ingredients not only help cleanse and remove fat in liver but they also help to regenerate cells. 

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