5 Spices To Spice Up Your Sex Life

May 20, 2013

Forget oysters and Champagne, did you know you can spice up your sex life with…spices? These natural aphrodisiacs are already in your spice rack…so what are you waiting for? Spice it up tonight!

Remember freshly ground spices are so much more aromatic and potent than stored spices (which should be used within six months) so always buy whole spices and get that mortar and pestle out!


Saffron has been proven to improve sex drive and performance. Buy small amounts of the best saffron you can afford as it goes stale. It adds a lovely flavour and colour to stews, pasta and soups.


Ground cardamom improves blood flow and increases the heart rate – ideal if you’ve been feeling a little ho-hum in the sack. It also has other health benefits, containing anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, so enjoy it in curries, cakes or chai tea.


Vanilla is especially effective for women as a natural nerve stimulant which helps in arousal. So get out that fresh vanilla bean and get baking! Vanilla bean is also great in savoury dishes – especially paired with salmon.


The heat in cinnamon warms the body which increases the natural sex drive response. It also prevents fatigue and lethargy, great for anyone feeling drained. Add a fresh cinnamon stick to curries, rice dishes and tea.


Like cinnamon, freshly ground coriander raises your body temperature which gives you that lovely warm feeling from inside and awakens your senses. It also helps to regulate blood sugar to give you more energy. Ground coriander pairs really well with beef dishes and stir-fried veggies.

What’s your favourite spice?

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