5 Squats You Should Be Doing

October 1, 2014

Upgrade your everyday squat routine by adding some of these variations that could improve the appearance of your legs and buttocks. Not only does this mean that workouts are easier, but there’s also a lot to gain by switching up the same-old workout routine which can get tiresome and repetitive. Incorporate the five following squats to make your workout more enjoyable, and get a bikini body in no-time!

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Narrow squat

Start off in a standing position, with feet close together. Squat down slowly into a sitting position, but remember to keep your legs and feet pressed together for maximum results.

5 Squats You Should Be Doing

Narrow squat with back kick

Follow this after the narrow squat by remaining the in last position. Squat down into a slight sitting position, push upwards and kick your leg back after each rep. Follow the same step on the other leg, and remember to keep arms at your hips.

5 Squats You Should Be Doing

Basic squat with side leg lift

Alternate the basic squat by incorporating a little bit of leg action to this classic technique. Squat down with your legs a hip-length apart, then push upwards and extend your leg outwards. Repeat this step on the other leg.

5 Squats You Should Be Doing

Sumo squat

This squat is perfect for working out that hard-to-reach inner thigh area, so don’t forget this technique! Stand with your feet pointing outwards, then push down into a squatting position.

At this point your legs should look like they’re at a 90º angle.

5 Squats You Should Be Doing

Body-weight jump squat

Position your fingers at the back of your head, and make sure your arms are aligned with the rest of your body. Push down with your knees in a squatting position, then jump as high as you can, before squatting down immediately.

You should be able to feel the burn in your upper thighs almost straight away.

5 Squats You Should Be Doing

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