5 Steps For Choosing And Hanging Art

August 22, 2014
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It’s the finishing touches that truly bring a room to life. Cushions, throws, and vases all play their role when it comes to inviting havens, but it’s the artwork all eyes will notice first.

1. Draw inspiration from your room

Discover the perfect art palette by assessing your space. Take note of three to five prominent shades already featured in your room’s rug, cushions, and accents to start with.  

2. Follow your eyes

The best art choices are those you are instantly drawn to. Forget trends and select a design you love and are happy to look at all day, every day.

3. Mix and match

Art will come and go over the lifetime of your home, so it’s important to make existing pieces work with new additions. Ensure one common element features for a seamless look: think colour, style or theme.

4. Size and position

Don’t be afraid of over-scaled art that makes a statement. A piece that’s too small will make a room look out of proportion. Hang with the work’s centre approximately 150cm up the wall, and keep an eye out for balance. 

Remember: you don’t always have hang a piece of art directly in the middle of a wall or above a piece of furniture. Consider an off-centre position that’s balanced by an accent such as a floor lamp or side table vignette.  

5. Group with confidence

Add interest to larger wall spaces with a grouped collection of small-scale art. This gallery wall style works best with an odd number of pieces. Start with a central foundation work, and scatter smaller, more flexible art pieces around that.


Tip: art should be fun and flexible. Move your pieces around the house regularly to reinvent your space.

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