5 Style Tips To Dress Up Denim

Julia Blanter

We all have that perfect pair of denim that we practically live in on a daily basis – but why not dress them up and get a few more looks out of them beyond the classic jeans and t-shirt outfit? Here are some handy tips from the fashion retailers at Melbourne’s Uni Hill Factory Outlets to help inspire you to do just that!

1. Black on black

A pair of black denim jeans can create a sophisticated look when teamed with a black cardigan or jacket. Team this with a white blouse or t-shirt for some contrast, or dress it up with a feature necklace or coloured scarf.

2. Add some height

Dress up your number one pair of denim with your favourite stilettos! It’s the perfect combo. Try some strappy heels for sexy evening style.

3. Bold accessories 

Whether it’s a bright necklace, a detailed belt or a big bright bag, these noticeable extras will give your classic jeans-and-t-shirt look a dressy spin. Adding some bold accessories is the easiest way to upgrade your everyday jeans and t-shirt look.

4. Sequins are your friends

You may be a little scared to try this look but a sequinned top or blazer is an excellent add-on to your denim jeans. Bit of a risk taker? Go for a bold coloured sequin blazer or jacket, or, if you want to stay on the safe side try a subtle sequinned cami to wear underneath your jacket.

5. Tie it together with a tall boot!

It’s a look we often envy on the off-duty supermodels, but don’t be afraid to try it out. You don’t have to be Claudia Schiffer to rock knee high leather boots with a pair of dark jeans in either a skinny or stovepipe leg. It’s an absolutely effortless look that oozes style – team with a t-shirt and blazer, or oversized turtleneck.

How do you prefer to wear your jeans? Tell us in the comments below!