5 Stylish Bridesmaid Hair Ideas

January 28, 2015

Bridesmaids are often given a bad reputation; after all, who wants to attend a formal event with the same dress, hair, and makeup as four or more other women?

Rather than letting your wedding erupt into chaos over a simple hairstyle, why not choose some similar styles for each bridesmaid. These are some of the most stylish and best photographed hair options for the girls who want to stand out.

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Side updo

Whether your bridesmaids have super-long, really short, or out-of-control textured hair won’t make a difference with this popular style. Arrange to have it on whichever side they’re more comfortable with, and use plenty of sea-salt spray for added body and bounce.

5 Stylish Bridesmaid Hair Ideas

Relaxed curls

Actress Elizabeth Olsen probably sets the standard for messy, tousled hair. She is, after all, the sister of Mary-Kate and Ashley! Not only is this style easy to create with straightening irons or curling wands, but it is flattering for any length. Clip in a few extensions to give the illusion of thicker hair, and remember to conceal those tracks.

5 Stylish Bridesmaid Hair Ideas

Hollywood curls

Another fantastic hairstyle which never goes out of style are traditional Hollywood curls. Best for girls with long layers, the style is super-flattering and stays in place for hours. Wear with a bright bold lip, and some fun hair accessories to complete the look.

5 Stylish Bridesmaid Hair Ideas


A classic chignon is ideal for bridesmaids who want to keep their hair neat and tidy all day long. Use a few extensions to create the illusion of thicker hair, and simply curl into a sock-bun to create the illusion of extra body. Don’t forget to set it well with hairspray for hold!

5 Stylish Bridesmaid Hair Ideas

Low ponytail

For a beach-themed wedding, try a low ponytail which only looks better as the day goes on. Most bridesmaids love this style since it keeps them cool in the warmer weather, without feeling a strain on their head for hours.

5 Stylish Bridesmaid Hair Ideas

Images via Her Interest, Daily Makeover, Go Fug Yourself, I Fashion Update, Free People

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