5 Things To Do In Byron Bay

April 12, 2015
byron bay beach

Byron Bay is one of Australia’s most popular destinations both for tourists and locals. It’s perfect for a long weekend away, but you will most likely want to stay longer. If I had to describe Byron Bay in three words, they would be surf, love and music.

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Of course you can go to Byron Bay just for the beaches and great surf, but there are a few other things that you shouldn’t miss while you’re there:

1. Explore Cape Byron lighthouse

Located at the very east of Byron Bay – and in fact, Australia – you find the beautiful Cape Byron light house on top of a hill. You can drive up by car, but make sure you get out and walk a few minutes to Australia’s most easterly point and take in the stunning view. Of course, sunrise and sunset times make for the prettiest backdrop.

2. Visit the markets

The hippie-haven markets in Byron offer everything from pottery to clothes and lots of really good food. The location changes depending on the day, but it’s hard to miss them; just check here for more information.

3. Listen to the music

If you walk through the main streets of Byron, you will pass plenty of street musicians, some of which are very talented. Just take some time and enjoy the music, or even dance in the street! There’s no better place to do it.

4. Walk along Seven Mile Beach

This very long and picturesque beach stretches from Lennox Head to Byron Bay and is perfect for surfing and (very) long walks. Why not get up early and watch the sunrise from there?

5. Have breakfast at the Macadamia Castle

Ok, technically this place is outside of Byron Bay, but it’s just a 15-minute car ride away and worth a visit if you like macadamias and Disneyland-style fake castles. Behind the “castle”, there is a small wildlife park which is great for kids, but even if you just come for the pancakes, it’s worth your while.

image via ignant.de

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