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5 Tips To Beat The Easter Bulge

5 Tips To Beat The Easter Bulge

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Easter is a joyous occasion and we all look forward to enjoying some time off to relax, spend time with family and friends and of course indulge in Easter treats. And for most of us, food is at the heart of our Easter celebrations, but for those struggling with their weight, this can represent a stressful and confronting time.

But armed with some simple tips, from Andrea Baker from The Biggest Loser Retreat, Easter needn’t be a time where a focus on diet can spoil enjoyment or celebration.

1. Don’t deprive yourself. Depriving yourself at a time when temptation is high can lead to a binge or blow out. Instead, choose morning tea as the time to have your treats rather than later in the day or after dinner when your body will not have as much time to burn these extra calories as fuel.

2. Choose quality over quantity. Instead of buying mountains of cheap Easter eggs that you may feel compelled to eat ‘because they are there’, invest in good quality dark Belgium chocolate. The extra you spend will be saved in calories.

3. Make a pact with yourself to walk every day over Easter. An easy 30-minute walk everyday will help you burn the extra calories and make you feel in control of your eating when you are offsetting it with some exercise.

4. Distract your cravings. If you have had your quota of treats but are still craving more, let yourself be distracted by something else for 15 minutes to see if the craving passes. If it doesn’t, don’t deprive yourself, have some, but use the tips above to monitor your intake.

5. Choose a healthier chocolate option. Rather than store bought chocolate, why not make a healthy chocolate cake like the recipe provided by our Executive Chef David Hunter. It is not only delicious, nutritious and guilt free, but the kids will love it too.

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