5 tips for better sex

January 3, 2000

Get naked

Stand in front of a mirror and try to appreciate what you like about your body, instead of focusing on what you don’t. Don’t be ashamed to hang out around your house naked for a few minutes every day until you feel more comfortable in your skin. Then, when you have sex you’ll feel more confident and carefree.

Take sex out of your bedroom

Sometimes all you need is a change of scenery to heat things up. Try having sex in the kitchen, bathroom, or take it to the beach or even try it in your own backyard.

Study it

If you have never had an orgasm then maybe you need to read about them and understand how your body works so you can feel more comfortable.

Use your love muscles

Flex your vaginal muscles during sex so that you can get a tighter grip on your partner and create more friction.

Use the power of touch

Skin is one of the largest sex organs so learn to appreciate how your partner’s touch feels. Just learn to touch or massage before you have sex.

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