5 Tips For The Closest Shave

September 6, 2012

We spend hours shaving so wouldn’t you love to know how to achieve the perfect, close shave? James Patten of online beauty store ry.com.au shares his tips and favourite products for super smooth skin.

1. Shower first

Wait until the end of the shower to shave. The hot water softens the skin and hair, opening the pores. This little trick will make your skin more receptive to
the razor and lessen the chance of skin irritation.

2. Use a face scrub

A gentle exfoliating facial scrub will open your pores and prime your hair follicles allowing for a closer shave. In my opinion a face scrub is one of the most important aspects of a shaving routine, not only does it remove dead skins cells and impurities, it also helps to prevent the two things we do not want – ingrown hairs and skin inflammation.

Top product: Dermalogica Shave Daily Clean Scrub 120ml (RRP:
$43.00, RY’s Price: $32.95), designed for pre-shave use this exfoliating scrub uses micro-fine Silica Beads and Willow Bark Extract to lift tiny hairs, remove dead skin cells and clean pores.

3. Use a sharp blade

This is an obvious one, ensure your blade is sharp. If you are unsure, the standard rule is to
discard your shaving blades after four or five uses.

4. Double shave

For a clean and smooth look shave twice using a silicone based shaving oil to allow for
maximum visibility. Apply your undercoat using a generous layer of shaving oil, then using a very minimal
amount of pressure shave in a downward motion. Apply a top coat of shaving oil and then shave in the
opposite direction, this two pronged process will ensure a clean, close and smooth result without any nicks or

Top product:Try Dermalogica Shave Close Shave Oil 30ml (RRP: $35.50, RY’s Price:
$26.95 ), the silicones in this product will allow the razor to glide cleanly against skin for an ultra close and
comfortable shave.

5. Post-shave soothing and smoothing

Shaving irritates the skin so finish the process by using an antiinflammatory
product to rebalance your skins moisture levels, calm any redness and prevent ingrown hairs,
lumps and bumps.

Top product: Try EmerginC Post Shave Reinforcer 150ml (RRP: $65.00, RY’s
Price: $51.35) this soothing facial balm uses plant extracts, antioxidants and cutting- edge “anti-ageing” peptides
to hydrate, protect, soothe and fight the signs of ageing.

What’s your favourite shaving product?

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