5 Tips To Help You Catch More Zzzs

September 26, 2014
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As part of Sleep Awareness Week (september 29-October 5), the Sleep Health Foundation and Forty Winks are urging people to do their best to put an end to restless nights and reassess their sleep habits.

Newspoll findings from a recent survey commissioned by Forty Winks revealed that work or family stress is the number one reason why we’re not getting enough shut eye, closely followed by being unable to unwind. Only one in 10 Australians always feel rested and relaxed, highlighting a significant national sleep debt.

Prof David Hillman, the chair of the Sleep Health Foundation, said:

“Sleep is essential and a lack of sleep can have a major impact on mood, concentration, memory and quality of life. While different people need different amounts of sleep, on average adults require eight hours each night, teenagers nine hours and primary school children need ten hours.” 

Forty Winks’ top five tips to help you catch enough bedtime Zzzs: 

  1. Use the hour before bed to unwind and relax before your head hits the pillow – try taking a warm bath, listening to quiet music or reading
  2. Literally switch off and remove distracting devices in the bedroom such as the television, computer and phone
  3. Create a relaxing, dark and cool sleeping environment
  4. Establish a sleep routine and try to stick to it
  5. Comfort is key – make sure you’re happy with your mattress, bedding and pillows

How do your sleep habits fare? Rate your sleeping habits during Sleep Awareness Week to get instant personalised tips for a better night’s sleep at www.sleephealthfoundation.org.au.

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