5 Tips On How To Make Your Life More Adventurous

July 6, 2014
Adventure, adventure holidays, travel, travelling, Australia

Now more than ever people are acknowledging the benefits and power of positive thinking – taking on new challenges that have the ability to change ones direction and step out of the comfort zone. Life is an adventure and it should be grasped with both hands as there are no real limits, only the ones you created within. Not sure where to start on your journey? Why not consider the following 5 adventure ideas to get you started on your adventure and new way of thinking:

Swimming with gentle giants

Adventure, adventure holidays, travel, travelling, AustraliaAt this time of year people are flocking in droves to see and swim with the biggest shark in the world – whalesharks. Found at the heritage- listed Ningaloo reef in Exmouth, these gentle giants will have you in awe at their sheer size and majestic beauty. Whalesharks won’t be the only animal you’ll see. Expect to share the water with migrating whales, manta rays, dolphins, dugongs, turtles, colourful corals, an assortment of fish and much, much more. Get up close to nature and create a memory that will last a life time.

Climb up or abseil down

From the seas to the trees, abseiling and rock-climbing provide an unforgettable experience with breathtaking views. Whether you choose the quick way down or the long way up, you will feel exhilarated! There are many amazing places to indulge in this adventure.

Adventure, adventure holidays, travel, travelling, Australia

The Glasshouse Mountains National Park in Queensland offers wonderful scenery and the greenery is breathtaking. Climb to the top of Mt Ngungun and abseil down 20m or 40m of sheer cliff face or spend the day climbing to the top. The mountain range offers an unusual array of domes, cones and spires due to the volcanic activity from millions of years ago. Indulge all your senses at once here in this picturesque National Park.


Strap yourself in and put the pedal to the metal! Drive a V8 race car at Eastern Creek in Sydney for a seriously fun and fast time. But don’t worry, you’ll be instructed by a real race car driver who will teach you how to drive a V8 just like the professionals! Expect to be challenged by the circuit which is home to the V8 Supercars and A1 Grand Prix. Feel the excitement and the g-force as you set your own personal track record, tackling long straights, tight and tricky corners, rising curves, hills and flats. This will be one experience to tick off the list!


Why not add to your adventure list jumping out of a perfectly good airplane and enjoy a heart racing 200kms before landing safely and feeling the sand beneath your feet! There are a variety of locations all over Australia, but why not consider Southern Skydivers, located in the Margaret River region of Western Australia, offering skydiving for the adrenaline junkie! Want to relieve the experience? Ensure you book to have the entire skydive filmed from boarding the plane, jumping and the free fall that follows. For a lucky few, a Whale or a Dolphin may be spotted as you descend from the great height making the experience even more special.

Tackle the rapids

What better way to spend a week than by rafting the World Heritage listed Franklin River in picturesque Tasmania! Experience surging rapids, caps of white water, tranquil gorges and rare pristine temperate rainforests as you make your way down stream. Expect to see a range of native wildlife in the water, on the ground and in the air. Enjoy the exotic tastes and traditional Tasmanian cuisines in a unique setting. At this time of year you can expect the water levels to be high, but whatever the water level, rafting offers an exciting way to explore the Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park.

So, go on. Get out. Pick an adventure and begin living your life, your way! Life is meant to be cherished and enjoyed, so why not make the most of it?

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By Glenn Stutt of Southern Skydivers, which offers tandem skydiving experiences off the pristine Busselton coastline, just 2 hours south of Perth. Enjoy the best and most memorable skydiving experience over the spectacular Margaret River wine region with magnificent views of the West Australian coastline. Connect with Glenn on Google+

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