5 Tips To Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out

March 31, 2014
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When it comes to finding your dream job, you have to make sure that you stand out against other applicants. LinkedIn is a great platform for career prospects, and you need to make sure that your profile stands out. Here are five tips to do just that:

Make an impression with a great photo

The first thing that a recruiter or a potential employer is going to see is your photo. That means that if you want to be considered for a job, the photo should be professional and representative of the kind of person you are. For men, you should be wearing at least a tie, but preferably a jacket as well. For women, a button up shirt with a jacket is a good idea. You can also consider getting professional photos, which will make you stand out even more. If you are using a photo that is from you in college while with friends, or something that is grainy and bad quality, you can bet that employers will skip right past you and not even take your profile seriously.

Tell them who you are with a great headline

After the employer sees your photo, they will then scroll to the headline. The headline is the area that is right below your name on your LinkedIn profile. This area is intended to tell recruiters and employers who you are and what you can do. The key is to have a professional headline that lets them know your serious, but also something that stands out enough so that it’ll stick in their mind. Just like on a newspaper or blog, the headline is what people read to get a better idea of what they are about to look at. So if you want to assure that they look at your profile, rather than skip past it, then you need to lure them in with a headline that demonstrates your abilities.

Join groups

LinkedIn groups provide members with a variety of benefits. First, they are a great way to meet up with old business contacts or friends from university. But more importantly, they can also help you find people who have common interests, which has the potential of helping you find your next job. Many groups have moderators, so getting accepted is about the equivalent of getting your foot in the door. And once you’re in, you can create or join discussions to make even more contacts. You can search by groups directly or take a look at your contacts on LinkedIn and join similar groups that they are members of.

Get a recommendation

Recommendations are a powerful feature on LinkedIn. This gives people the ability to give and get recommendations from people that you have worked with in the past. The more of these that you can get from previous networking connections, the stronger your profile will look. Think of these connections as the new form of a letter of recommendation, only they are online and for the whole world to see.

Consider going Premium

As a premium member on LinkedIn, you get the advantage of having your name come up in more searches and you are also able to send out more emails to potential contacts. You can sign up for LinkedIn Premium for free to see if it is useful to you. If it is, consider how an investment into LinkedIn Premium may help your job search and get you seen and connected with more people.

Bonus tip: Add media

A LinkedIn profile is great, but another way to set yourself apart is to add even more media for your viewers to see. This can be done in the form of adding a link to a video or other documentation that presents who you are. Not only is this a creative way to get noticed that not everyone on the site does, but it also shows that you are tech savvy and able to maximise the opportunities you are given.

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