5 Tips To Achieve A Better Work/Life Balance

May 24, 2013

Personal concierge Rebecca Bojtor from www.findingtime.com.au knows exactly how time can get away from you, so she’s put together 5 tips on how to make the most of your day and create a better work/life balance.

1. Plan your day

Plan your day the night before by making a to-do list. This way you’ll be mentally prepared and have a more productive day. Only plan what is achievable, this is meant to make your day run more efficiently, not make you stressed!

2. Take work with you

When in waiting rooms, on trains, or waiting on a friend for lunch, take work with you. Whether it’s reviewing projects, sending emails, or returning calls, this makes great use of otherwise wasted time.

3. Group your errands

List your errands, if they’re not urgent group multiple tasks that can be done at once. Go to the post office on the way to the bank and collecting dry cleaning. Rather than making separate trips, you’re saving heaps of time by doing them all at once.

4. It’s OK to say no!

Decide what’s important in your life and cut out anything that clutters up your time. Life is about realising your priorities and creating an achievable life balance. You don’t have to be Wonder Woman and you can say no!

5. Outsource

If you don’t have time, or find it more cost effective, outsource your tasks. If you’d rather be at a family function than waiting for trades, or ‘land that business deal’ than running errands – outsource it to someone that can.

How do you achieve work/life balance?

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