5 Tips To Get In Shape For Summer

October 12, 2011

October is the time when we start to think about getting in shape for summer – but what is the best way to go about it after a long, lazy winter? Personal trainer Gretchen Masters shares her 5 tips on dropping the kilos and keeping them off.

1. Drink more water

Proper hydration helps your body to efficiently metabolise fat and a big glass or two before a meal will reduce your appetite.

2. Ditch one bad habit

Drinking too much each night, eating sugary snacks every afternoon, too many soft drinks, too much coffee…you get the idea. Choose one of these habits and switch it for a healthy habit, like green tea.

3. Don’t go hungry

Make sure you eat at least three meals and two healthy snacks a day. Snacking on vegetables with protein is best. By keeping our bodies satisfied, we’re less likely to overeat when we get home.

4. Have active catch-ups

Haven’t seen your friend in a while? Switch your usual café lunch for a walk. Switch the pub for a dance class. Make an effort to se moving more as an opportunity, not an inconvenience.

5. Keep track of your activity

Either get a pedometer to track your steps (aim for 10,000) or use a notebook and log your daily exercise. Aim for 30-minutes a day, or up to 60 minutes a day if you are seated for over 8 hours. Keeping track of your activity is a proven motivator, think of it as your training buddy.

By ditching dramatic changes and opting to work with the lifestyle you have, you’ll be feeling fit in no time and looking good throughout the year.

About Gretchen Masters: Gretchen has been working in the fitness industry since 2003 in Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

Gretchen founded Spring 30 Days of Feel Good Fitness – an initiative to raise funds for the Black Dog Institute. Spring is an initiative to get people moving, demonstrate the impact exercise has on their mood and raise over $500,000 for the Black Dog Institute. For further details visit springfitness.com.au

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