5 Tips To Help You Slim Down This Autumn/Winter

April 20, 2011

5 Tips To Help You Slim Down

The cold months might be the time to turn to comfort food and carb-heavy dinners, but Jenny Craig consultant Adele Gerali shows how this can be a time for healthy eating, losing those extra kilos, and being in the best shape of your life by the time summer hits. “There’s plenty of evidence to suggest that people put on weight over the colder months,” said Adele, “but by keeping in tune with your diet and daily activities, you can avoid piling on the kilos.”

1. Don’t snack while watching TV

When watching TV, we can get distracted and are less likely to be practising mindful eating, so it is very easy to overeat. Limit your snacks by portioning them into small bowls instead of eating out of the box or eat healthy snacks like carrot sticks or grapes. The new Jenny Craig at Home menus have your daily snacks all portioned out, from Lightly Salted Potato Crisps to Choc Chip Bites.

2. Don’t forget exercise

Ensuring you exercise every day throughout winter will help to counter-balance any extra calories as well as make you feel more energetic. Get some fresh air and take short 15 minute walks on your coffee or lunch break to expend energy and stress. ‘Buddying up’ with a friend will help keep you motivated.

3. Sip tea not hot chocolate

Hot drinks can help keep the chill out of winter, but some warm beverages are hidden with kilojoules. Milky, syrupy coffee shop drinks and hot chocolate with whipped cream can add lots of calories to your diet. Selecting tea or a herbal infusion is a better option.

4. Plan a warm holiday

If you know you’ll need to sport a bikini on the beach in the dead of winter, then you’ll be sure to stick to your exercise and healthy eating plan to ensure your body is in tip top shape.

5. Eat your veggies

Regular intake of fruits and vegetables will help strengthen your immune system and keep you healthy throughout the winter months. Remember, you should try to eat two serves of fruit and five serves of veggies daily.

Winter menu choices are made easy with new delicious options from Jenny Craig at Home. If it’s winter weight loss and convenience you crave, Jenny Craig at Home is the best tool for long-term weight loss success. Options include hearty Bangers and Mash, comforting Chunky Tomato Soup and warming Mixed Berry Porridge. You’ll learn the principles of portion control and the elements of a healthy balanced diet via a weekly phone consultation with your very own Jenny Craig consultant as well as having your meals delivered to your home or office.

What’s your best tip for slimming down during the colder months?

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