5 Tips To Kickstart Your Weight Loss

January 2, 2012

Losing weight is on many of our New Year’s resolutions lists, but sometimes you just don’t know how to start. We’ve selected 5 of the best tips to kickstart your weight loss plan for 2012 – and there’s not a scary diet in sight! 1. Eat breakfast The idea that skipping breakfast will slim you down has been proven to be a bad idea. In fact, successful dieters lose weight, and keep it off, by starting the day with breakfast. Top tip: fibre-rich cereals and porridge, or wholegrain toast spread with avocado, make the best breakfast choices. 2. Portion size The fact is most of us overeat. The idea is to only eat until you feel full, and an easy way is to control your portion size. Ween yourself off your regular portions by serving a little less every day – you’ll be surprised how much less food you’ll be eating while still feeling full. Top tip: serve your food on a smaller plate. 3. Learn how to eat out the healthy way Just because you’re losing weight doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy dining out. Just learn the best menu options, and never be afraid to ask your waiter what the healthiest dishes are. Make sure you read our easy guide to eating out. 4. Snack right Make 2012 the year you stop thinking of chocolate, chips and biscuits as snack food. Turn to nuts, fruit, vegetable juices and yogurt for your go-to afternoon snack. 5. More vegetables than meat or carbs on the plate Most of us have grown up thinking of vegetables as a side dish, and spoon a pithy amount of salad beside that hunk of beef or spaghetti on the dinner plate. Reverse the amount of vegetables and meat/carbs, and you’ll still get enough energy but you’ll load up on nutrients, feel full for longer and lose weight faster. What is your best tip for losing weight?

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