5 Top Tips for Nailing It

May 14, 2010


While you might religiously moisturise your lips, face and even hands, don’t
forget that your cuticles and nails need hydration too. Every time you hit up your hands with some cream, also focus on rubbing it in to the cuticles and over the surface of your clean nails. You can even rub any excess lip balm over particularly brittle areas and if your nails and cuticles are so bad they’re catching on your clothing, sheets and hair lather the entire hand in cream, slip it in to some disposable gloves and go to sleep. Not the most attractive bedtime ritual, but you’re digits will be looking gorgeous by morning.


Never ever, ever, paint your nails a dark colour without doing a base coat first. In fact you shouldn’t paint your nails even pretty pink without protecting them first. A base coat isn’t a gimmick – it actually ensures that there is a layer between the polish and your nail. You’ll get unsightly stains otherwise!


So you impromptu painted your nails deep, dark purple one too many times without protecting them and now they seem to look a sickly shade of yellow. Never fear, there are a number of nail whitening products on the market from the likes of Sally Hansen and Rimmel. If you fancy an au natural solution hold your nails in a bowl of lemon juice – it’s a natural bleach. Just don’t forget to hydrate after.


Keeping nails relatively short and square is the best way to promote strong healthy nail rejuvenation and prevent ingrowns. Not only is it good for your nails, short and square is on trend especially with the Autumn/Winter deep dark tones.


There are a lot of supplements out there that promise and are proven to help hair and nail rejuvenation. Nails themselves are made up of a protein keratin, fat and water. So if you want to go at it alone, stick to foods high in protein and essential fats.

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