5 Transitional Wardrobe Pieces You Need

July 29, 2014

While the seasons are slowly shifting into spring, there is absolutely no need to buy an entirely new wardrobe for the transitional weather ahead. Although the months just before summer are filled with longer days and slightly more sunshine, don’t ditch your boots and coats just yet! These five transitional wardrobe pieces will be your best friend over the next few weeks.

Trench coat

A light coat is an easy piece to throw on top of an outfit at any time of the day. Choose a soft cotton blend which will help your body breathe, and won’t overheat throughout the warmer months of the year. Pair with jeans or an office-friendly outfit for a classic look.

Ballet flats

Don’t crack out the sandals just yet! Ballet flats are a versatile footwear option since they don’t require any socks, and generally won’t cause any blisters to your feet. Invest in a pair which are comfortable and preferably won’t stretch with increased wear.

Long-sleeved shirt

A warm, long sleeved shirt can go a long way – especially during those chilly days and nights. Choose colours which are sure to blend in with your outfits, particularly monochromatic shades such as white, black, grey and tan.

Cropped pants

Make like Brigitte Bardot and wear a pair of cropped pants during the slightly warmer days leading to spring. There a variety of colours, prints and styles in-stores which look fantastic if you choose to dress them down, or even on a night out with a pair of heeled sandals and a clutch bag.

Denim jacket

There is nothing quite like a denim jacket which screams spring-time style. Most denim jackets are made of a lighter 100% cotton blend, which makes them breathable while you wear them. Light wash, acid wash and dark wash shades are popular options, which will keep your entire outfit looking trendy and cool between the months of September-November.

Image via Popsugar

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