5 Trendy Hairstyles For The Office

October 2, 2014

Are you ever stuck trying to find a hairstyle that takes no time to create, but is also appropriate for the office? Unless you’ve got an endless amount of time in the morning, try out these five easy hairstyles which will land you the job of your dreams!

Suitable for medium to long hair, the following hairstyles are best on second day hair – or simply spray some dry shampoo onto your roots and massage well for that extra hold.

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The top knot

There is nothing more chic than a top knot, especially if you have super-long and coarse hair that is an absolute nightmare to tame on a daily basis. All you really need is a hair donut, a few bobby pins and some hairspray to make this look last all day long.

5 Trendy Hairstyles For The OfficeThe slicked-back ponytail

Who has time in the morning for a hairdressing session in the bathroom? If you have longer layers, opt for this slicked-back ponytail which takes just a minute to complete. It’s also a great style if you’re hiding some greasy hair (we’re all a victim of this!)

Comb your hair back, and secure tightly with a hair tie at the nape of the neck.

5 Trendy Hairstyles For The OfficeBouncy hair

Show off your new haircut with this easy look which does all the work while you sleep! Put your freshly washed hair into rollers, and then simply go to bed. First thing in the morning, remove the rollers and you should have bouncy hair like it’s nobody’s business!

If you’re worried about it dropping throughout the day, spritz hair with some finishing spray, and keep a tiny bottle of it in your bag as well.

5 Trendy Hairstyles For The OfficeHalf-up half-down

One of our favourite hairstyles for any occasion has to be the half-up, half-down do! This is perfect if you want to keep your hair down, without the extra hassle of any pesky strands getting caught in your eyes throughout the day.

Simply pin back any loose strands of hair on both sides, and apply some texturising spray at the roots for that extra bit of body.

5 Trendy Hairstyles For The OfficeSide ponytail

If your hair is naturally curly, don’t try to tame if just because you’re at work! Simply create some volume at the crown with a pea-sized amount of mousse, then tie your hair to the side. To keep your curls looking fabulous all day long, apply some sea-salt spray before you leave the house.

5 Trendy Hairstyles For The Office

Which hairstyle would you try wearing to the office?

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