Versatile Hair Trends From Paris Fashion Week

March 16, 2015

If you need a little inspiration for the new season, then it’s perfectly coinciding with the end of Paris Fashion Week.

Whether you have an upcoming wedding, work event, or simply need to switch-up your standard hairstyle, then the following looks will surely work for you.

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Where: Louis Vuitton Fall 2015/16

Temporary coloured hair is the new black. Why? It can easily wash out (well, in a matter of 6-8 weeks), and is perfect for those who want a bit of a change. Baby pink works better on girls with blonde hair, whilst darker shades such as blue and green are better if you’re a brunette.

5 Hair Trends From Paris Fashion Week


Where: Saint Laurent Fall 2015/16

Bangs, a front fringe, or whatever else you want to call it were on display at Hedi Slimane’s presentation for Saint Laurent. Choose a cut which ends just around your lashes, and curl inwards with a brush for a perfect look.

5 Hair Trends From Paris Fashion Week


Where: Lanvin Fall 2015/16

The humble braid returned at Lanvin this season, which is a low-maintenance way to wear your hair. Pin back any loose strands and tie the end with a simple black ribbon. Très chic!

5 Hair Trends From Paris Fashion Week


Where: Isabel Marant Fall 2015/16

For a quick and easy hairstyle (which can hide your second-day hair), try the bun as seen at Isabel Marant. Apply some hair oil onto your palms and massage gently around your ends, then wrap and secure with an elastic.

5 Hair Trends From Paris Fashion Week


Where: Maison Margiela Fall 2015/16

Not only did this show mark the long-awaited return of John Galliano, but also crimped hair. Models had the front layers of their hair crimped, but in a subtle way. Combine with lots of dry shampoo for a truly voluminous look.

5 Hair Trends From Paris Fashion Week

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