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5 Ways To Avoid The Dreaded Red Wine Lips

5 Ways To Avoid The Dreaded Red Wine Lips

Winter has hit and the odd glass or two of red wine goes down a treat in the chillier weather. A few glasses of wine later and a quick trip to the bathroom, you notice your lips are stained with splotches of red and purple; you’re clearly suffering from a case of red wine lips. Anyone can fall victim to such a wine travesty from wine connoisseurs to the classiest of wine drinkers.

Let’s be honest, red wine lips are not pretty, nor do you want to blatantly admit to your boss the next day that you’ve had a big night on the red wine when he/she notices the red stains on and around your lips. The wine stain evidence can be hard to scrub off your precious wee kiss makers so here are 5 ways to avoid the dreaded red wine lips.

1. Constantly applying lip balm or lip-gloss is an easy one, as 9 times out of 10 you’ll have a stick of lip balm in the bottom of your handbag. By regularly applying the lip balm you’ll be creating a barrier between your lips and the wine, avoiding the stain. Just make sure to brush your teeth when you get home so all traces of red wine are brushed off of those too!

2. Red lipstick! If you can’t beat it, match it. This trick is perfect to cover up the evidence if you’re already well into the bottle of red wine and you have a spunky date across from you. You’ll look smart, sexy and your date will be stopping at nothing to get those lips closer to them.

3. Brushing your teeth, tongue and gently exfoliating your lips prior to drinking will smooth the surfaces of your lips and mouth to which wine pigments might cling. It’s not promised to last more than one glass, but it’s better than nothing. Plus make sure you do this tip at least an hour before you plan to drink wine otherwise you’re going to have some very nasty tasting wine! Toothpaste and wine do not mix well with each other!

4. This one’s a double whammy. Drink lots of water! The water will help wash away the traces of wine on your lips and in your mouth, plus it’ll also help lessen the wine headache the next day. If you have the option of sparkling water the carbonation in the water will help scrub those pearly whites even further.

5. Wine Wipes come in cute little compacts of 20 wipes and a mirror. The orange blossom flavoured wipes help to remove traces of wine on the lips and teeth in one easy swipe. The flavour of the wipes has been specially designed to not interfere with your palate during wine tasting too.

This article is written by Casey Ewers who is more commonly known for her wine blog, Travelling Corkscrew. If you need any tips & tricks on all things to do with wine, connect with Casey today!

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