5 Ways To Fit In Exercise With A Newborn

July 22, 2014
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Healthymummy.com founder Rhian Allen says that after giving birth to your bundle of joy, the chance of even thinking about exercise for at least the first few weeks are slim and actually finding the time to exercise can be difficult. Gentle exercise is great for new mums as it can have a positive impact on your mental state, especially with the new stresses of having a baby. Here are five great workout ideas for busy mums to do with their newborns:

1. Strap on your baby carrier and go for a walk: Wearing your baby and hitting the pavement provides a fantastic workout due to the extra weight you’re carrying. Make sure you’ve got your carrier fitted correctly as incorrect fitting can cause all kinds of strains and sprains.

2. Work it with your stroller: Popping your bub in the stroller and heading out for a walk or jog is an easy way to slot some calorie burning into your day. Add hills or different terrain like grass or even sand into your route for an even better workout.

3. Invest in a DVD: Being able to complete a class in the comfort of your lounge room means you can workout whenever you have spare time. The Healthy Mummy Exercise DVD burns 450-550 calories per hour and the instructor (Lisa Westlake) is the top postnatal exercise specialist and physio in Australia.

4. Join a weight loss challenge or program: Signing up to a qualified weight loss program can provide a great support system and help you get motivated. A good one will give you suitable exercise and meal options that are time efficient to get the results you’re looking for and help you make effective lifestyle changes.

5. Enlist your partner: A family walk a couple of times a week is a lovely way for dad to bond with baby and also allows you and your partner to have a chance to chat and catch up, outside of the four walls of the house. Alternatively, work out a roster so that you’re able to get out and attend your favourite class or go for a run while your partner is on baby duty.

For more great tips on incidental exercises and meal plans, head to www.losebabyweight.com.au. Signups for healthymummy.com 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge start from August 1 for only $49.95 with the challenge beginning on September 1. The plans have been completed by thousands of mums and are designed to be simple for busy mums to do at home. The online program features; daily meal plans, weekly shopping lists, fat burning interval training exercises to be done at home, an online interval training timer, a private support forum, daily support from The Healthy Mummy team and more.

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