Try These Hacks To Reignite The Romance On Your Next Vacation

January 30, 2018

Even if you’ve been together for years, these tricks will get your hearts fluttering again.

For me – and I’m assuming for a lot of other busy women – the ideal vacay involves me relaxing on the beach or by the pool with a cocktail in hand and a good book by my side (not for reading, of course, just to make it look like I’ve got other things to fill my time than alcohol and sleep).

This was always the case – until I got married. The first vacation my man and I took together as husband and wife consisted of two very different weeks; one was spent on Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, Hawaii, and the other was spent exploring the theme parks in Orlando, Florida. It was the first of many compromises in our marriage – romance and quiet time for me, and young-at-heart adventure time for him.

However, since life just keeps getting busier, I find myself more often rejecting the idea of adrenalin-filled vacations, and I know it’s unfair to my hubby to think he should blindly adopt my idea of a getaway. So, I recently sought the advice of the ‘World’s Longest Honeymooners’, Mike and Anne Howard.

“Everyone has a unique travel style, though putting two together can take some finessing. Find your commonality. Try your partner’s passion; you just might like it. Conquer fears; nothing is too scary when you have each other. Discovering your dream destination, striking the right balance of activities and adding romance to each day is the path to a happy medium and your happy place.”

These two expert travelers, and authors of National Geographic’s Ultimate Journeys For Two, say the secret to reconnecting as a couple, and reigniting the romance in your relationship, is by keeping the following five things in mind when you set sail on your next adventure together…

1. Get your hearts racing


Studies show that couples who do new and adrenaline-pumping activities together form a stronger bond. For adventures that will inevitably inspire romance, try snowmobiling across an arctic island or chasing the Northern Lights. Ride a doors-off helicopter into a lush volcanic crater. Paraglide over Roman ruins and a mountain of white travertines. Road-trip across the world’s largest salt flat in a luxury Airstream. Follow swinging bridges to a tropical treehouse suite. Try activities that get your heart racing and you’ll be sure to hold each other tight.

2. Mix local and luxury

romance local

It’s your vacation, so you deserve a little pampering. Gourmet meals, ocean-view suites, spa treatments and other decadent delights should absolutely feature in your holiday. Imagine staying in a boutique hotel which draws inspiration from the regional style and makes it shine with storied antiques, and mouthwatering menus rooted in traditional and cultural elements at every turn. Enjoy the dreaminess – just don’t let a plush resort shelter you from life outside its gates. Explore the town without a guide and eat a few meals at hole-in-the-wall restaurants. For a couple of nights of your trip, try a private room at an Airbnb or homestay. It might not have a bell-hop or an in-room espresso maker, but the authenticity and heartwarming local interactions will be a priceless upgrade – and a surefire way to inject some intimacy into your exploration.

3. Pace your daily itinerary

romance adventure

Rather than feeling the need to explore from dawn until dusk, stagger your activities throughout the day and week. One morning, stroll the streets at sunrise, watching the markets open and the town come alive. Get in an activity or two, and then recharge with an afternoon siesta. Wake up refreshed and find out what the nightlife is like. Seeing a town at different times of day will give you a holistic perspective on a place. And, at the end of every day, take the time to enjoy the sunset and each other’s company. 

4. Make time to do nothing

romance adventure nothing

In a whirlwind attempt to enjoy as much as we can, we often forget to take a moment to appreciate the little things. For a day or two, ditch your itinerary. Hold hands as you wander charming alleys, follow the smell of fresh-baked goods, or pop into an antique store and chat with the locals along the way. It’s important to just be still sometimes. Sleep in, have breakfast in bed and look into each other’s eyes a little longer.

5. Reinvent the notion of  ‘romantic’ activities

romance adventure plan

With incredible natural beauty and a vacation vibe on your side, you don’t need to lean on five-course meals and theater tickets. A few thoughtful gestures and simple surprises can elevate any place to your special spot.

When you’re looking for a little romance in your everyday life, get creative. Take candles, massage oil and bubble bath when you go on a weekend trip, or pack up a dessert and eat it anywhere but the kitchen table for an easy date night. Stargaze together in a hammock for two, savor a sunset picnic or plan a surprise date night and don’t reveal any of the details to your partner beforehand. 

One final piece of inspiring advice from Mike and Anne; “Today is the youngest you will ever be. Let that inspire you to travel farther, hike higher, stay longer, dive deeper, and do more now.”

Excerpted with permission from Ultimate Journeys for Two: Extraordinary Destinations On Every Continent (© 2017 National Geographic Books).

Images via honeytrek.com and pixabay.com.

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