5 Ways To Quickly De-Bloat Your Body

October 24, 2014

Do you find it difficult to keep a slim tummy after a big meal? Not only is bloating extremely common, but it’s also a fact of life that women are oh so familiar with. The next time you feel your body betraying you, follow these tips to keep it in control, and beat the bloat!

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Chew food slowly

Take time to chew your food properly (especially if you’re by nature a fast eater). Sometimes swallowing food can lead to painful bloating which often is hard to manage by the end of your meal!

Limit sodium

Foods which are high in sodium (salt) cause the tummy to bloat, and also make you feel over-stuffed sometimes. If you suffer from chronic bloating, this is probably due to an increase in salty foods found in your diet. Curb those cravings with crunchy vegetables such as cucumber and carrot if you want something with a bit of crunch!

Eat more fruit

Raw fruit not only keeps your body functioning properly, but it will also decrease any nasty bloating. Try and aim for a raw food snack 2-3 hours after eating a big meal such as lunch or dinner, since this will make your body feel better in no-time.

Drink more water

Sometimes you might feel your tummy bloat purely because you haven’t eaten for a prolonged period of time. Try and drink a glass of water (with a lemon included for an extra kick to your metabolism), to get things working back to normal.

Avoid too much dairy products

There is no denying that dairy can very much lead to bloating and stomach issues. If you can’t stomach any dairy products (literally), stick to dairy-free to keep your tummy looking flat and firm. Almond milk is a great substitute if you still want to maintain a delicious breakfast without the horrendous dairy symptoms which some women exerience.

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