How To Take Your Makeup From Day To Night

August 27, 2015
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Re-applying makeup is never anyone’s forte, especially after a long day at work or school. So instead, take your look from day to night with the following tips – they take about 5 minutes to create and won’t have you running late for that next appointment!

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Bold lip

A vibrant, bold lip is the perfect makeup tip if you want to update your look for the evening. Why? It adds a pop of colour to the face and takes about 2 minutes to prepare. All you need is a lip liner, lipstick and a few cotton tips to prevent any smudging.


The classic cat-eye flick is another great way to update your look without going over the top. Felt-liners are so quick and easy to use and fit discretely into your clutch or handbag. Start with a small flick, then extend it outwards by carefully pushing the side of the liner against your crease.

Cream eyeshadow

Rather than carrying around a huge compact in your handbag, use a cream eyeshadow pencil to easily update your eye makeup. All you need to do is smudge it over your eyes and blend it out with your fingers. For a lived-in look, use the colour in your waterline.

Setting powder

We all get oily throughout the day, so it’s important to use a setting powder to take away some of that extra shine. Focus the product on your t-zone, forehead and chin to create a matte base for your look.

Lip and cheek stain

If you’re working with a relatively minimal base, use a lip and cheek stain to bring some colour back into your face. Take the product onto your fingers, then dab it over your cheeks. It gives an instant glow without looking too artificial on the face.

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