5 Ways To A Slimmer Stomach

May 22, 2012

Good news! A slim stomach doesn’t need to be the result of hours slogging away in the gym. Here’s 5 easy ways you can trim your tum, drop a waist size and feel amazing!

1. Salt buster

Water is attracted to salt, so eating too much salt is probably the reason you’re bloated and hanging on to a little extra tummy weight. Reduce the salt in your diet: eat less processed food, use less salt in your food and your can lose up to 1.5kg quickly.

2. No more soft drinks or beer

Carbonated drinks equal bloat, even sparkling mineral water. Even worse are the sugary drinks, including the diet variety, as they’re packed with sugar and stay on the belly. Instead of beer, choose a wine spritzer

3. Be careful of sugar substitutes

Think you’re looking after your health by using sugar substitutes? Whether you replace regular sugar with sugar substitutes, choose diet drinks or low-calorie/low-fat foods like yoghurt and cookies, they’re actually contributing to tummy bloat. Your GI tract doesn’t absorb sugar substitute, so they settle on your belly. Avoid.

4. Less carbs

Serious about trimming your tummy? Ditch the carbs, including pasta, breads, rice and potatoes. Carbs pack on the inches around your stomach, so unless you’re running a marathon, where carbs provide vital energy, keep away – your body can live with very little carbohydrates.

5. Fried treats

Who doesn’t love hot chips? Or a greasy burger after a late night? But think about this: wouldn’t you love a flatter stomach more? The body digests fried food slowly, so it stacks up around the belly.

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