5 Ways To Achieve A Flawless Self-Tan

October 19, 2011

By now we all know that a tan comes a bottle, and not from hours baking on the beach. Follow these professional tips and you’ll glow with a natural, golden tan all summer long.

1. Don’t skimp on preparation

The better you prepare your skin, the better results you will achieve. Thoroughly exfoliate your skin, paying particular attention to any rough patches. To slough away dead skin cells, we love Custom Tan’s Magic Peeling Glove. Ensure skin is fuzz-free by shaving or waxing with enough time for pores to close prior to your self-tan application (1-2 days before self-tanning).

2. Choose the best products

When choosing a self-tanning product, choose your product wisely. Cheap products with inferior quality tanning ingredients will leave a ghastly orange tone and are usually teamed with a nasty fake tan smell. Our favourites include Invisible Zinc Jet Set Tan Face and Body Spray, Custom Tan Self Tanning Mousse (with organic DHA) and Le Tan’s Fast Tan with vitamin E.

3. How to apply

To apply your chosen self-tan product, best results will be achieved by using an applicator glove or mitt and applying the product in long strokes. Try Custom Tan’s Blending Mitt to prevent staining on your hands. Apply facial bronzer by using the fingertips (wash your hands with soap straight away) or with a cosmetic sponge.

4. Give it time

Allow sufficient time before dressing, and pay attention to the information on your product to ensure you
wash the bronzer off after the allocated time, or add another coat as required. Once you have achieved the
desired colour tone, you can top up your tan every few days to maintain results.

5. Don’t forget the SPF!

Remember that self-tanning products do not contain sunscreen, so you should always use products containing SPF.

What self-tan products do you use?

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