5 Ways To Celebrate Earth Day

April 17, 2012

Earth Day is coming up and we’ve come up with 5 fantastic ways you can celebrate, from shopping with a conscience to cooking on the cheap while all looking after the world around us.

1. Thrift shopping

When was the last time you went thrift shopping? There are so many fab finds to be had, from homewares to clothes. Hit up your local St Vinnies or Salvation Army and trawl through the vintage finds – better yet, trade in some of your unwanted goods at the same time.

2. Reuse instead of disposable

Recently a friend told me she stopped buying serviettes and instead has turned her tea towels into napkins, which she can throw into the wash and reuse over and over again. What a great idea! What other things around the home can we reuse?

3. Organic fabrics

Look out for organic fabrics when you can. Brands like H&M have launched gorgeous organic cotton clothing which is better for the environment and looks amazing.

4. Make the most of scraps

Leftover food is a multi-billion dollar problem, with most of us throwing out kilos of perfectly good food every month. Get smart with your food: from meal planning to freezing leftovers, you’ll save a huge amount of money and help the planet.

5. Go green with cutlery

Does your home delivery leave you with handfuls of unwanted plastic cutlery and napkins? When ordering food, tell your restaurant that you don’t need cutlery. And instead of disposable chopsticks, buy a set that you can wash and reuse.

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