5 Ways To Get Your Mojo Back

September 14, 2012

Who amongst us isn’t feeling a little sluggish, and missing their inner spark? Here’s 5 ways to feel energised, find your confidence and get your mojo back!

1. Get active

Get outside, it’s spring! Go for a walk around the block, have a swim at the beach, hire some bikes and go for a spin around the park. Getting the blood circulating through your body in the lovely weather is the easiest way to perk yourself up.

2. Culture vulture

Read a book in a week, take yourself to a mid-week movie…if you’re feeling bland chances are you’re stuck for new things to talk about. A little culture boost will get your brain active again.

3. Feel sexy

Get sexy – solo or with a partner! Nothing releases more endorphins than sex. Orgasms make you feel great, are beneficial for your health, mind and is even great for anti-ageing! Faking it? Here’s how to stop faking it!

4. Be mindful

The year is quickly coming to an end…where did the year go? But people that are most peaceful focus on the present. Become aware of the ‘now’ and the moment you’re in – this simple meditation will restore a sense of calm in an instant.

5. Give

When you lose your mojo, it’s easy to focus on yourself. But a surefire way of getting your inner spark back is by focusing on others. Volunteer for an hour or two once a week and be shocked at how good you feel helping others.

What are your best tips for getting your mojo back?

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