5 Ways To Inspire Your Inner Goddess

July 21, 2011

5 Ways To Inspire Your Inner Goddess

Tracey Jewel has just released Goddess Within, a beautifully illustrated book filled with tips, tricks and rituals to reignite one’s inner goddess. Inspired by ancient cultures and practices, it details modern day ways to live within a goddess energy. Inspirational quotes from well-known women are also included along with mythological goddesses to call upon for guidance. Goddess Within, RRP $19, available at all major bookshops.

??Being a Goddess is much more than having external beauty and charm. It starts from a place that supports your emotional, physical and spiritual essence so your true inner Goddess can be embraced, shining a light on what makes you unique. It doesn’t matter how much focus we put on how we look, what we wear and how our hair is done, if we don’t feel good about ourselves none of it matters.

Here are 5 tips to embrace your inner Goddess:

1. Love and honour you – Value yourself and appreciate who you are and what you have to bring to the world. This goes a long way to how others see, love and respect you. Loving yourself is your energy source!

2. Personal energy – what platform of energy are you putting out most of the time? What you put out is what you get back! Choose to have love, joy and gratitude emanating from you instead of anger, resentment and sadness for example.

3. Bring laughter into your everyday – A good laugh and smile gives you a wonderful energy and glow which opens you up to others as well as eliminating toxins and relieving stress.

4. Pamper yourself – embrace your beauty – Have a massage or pedicure, dress up, experiment with colours, take time out – you deserve it!

5. Goddess reminders – create a space that makes you feel like a Goddess. A vase of flowers, living things from nature, beautiful mementos that have meaning that remind you of your inner Goddess.

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