5 Ways To Keep Skin Beautiful In Winter

May 6, 2013

Low temperatures, cold winds, dry air from heaters…winter usually means tight, flakey skin but nutritionist at USANA Health Sciences Ravinder Lilly shares her tips on maintaing a healthy glow throughout the cold months.

1.       Watch the water temperature

As tempting as it may be to slip into a steaming bath or shower on those extra chilly nights, water that’s too hot actually breaks down the lipid barriers in the skin, draining away moisture and further dehydrating your winter skin.

Aim to have warm not hot showers then wrap yourself in a soft fluffy towel and slather on your favourite body cream.

2.       Balance your beverages

Certain beverages should be kept to a minimum during the colder months as they can be deceivingly dehydrating, especially those containing alcohol or caffeine. Water and green tea (which are packed with skin-loving antioxidants) are great choices.

3.       Always wear your winter woollies

Stay warm and soft-skinned by covering up as much as possible. The more exposed you are, the quicker the moisture will drain from your skin. Wrap your neck, décolletage and hands in soft fabrics which feel lovely against the skin like cashmere.

4.       Pack in the peels

Harsh peels, clay-based masks and alcohol-based toners should be avoided during winter as they can strip vital oils from your skin. Opt for a cleansing milk or mild foaming cleanser instead.

5.       Harness the humidifier

Keeping your indoor environment well hydrated and moisturized is a great way to overcome dry or moisture-deprived skin. You can even create your own effective humidifier by hanging a warm, wet towel in the room.

How do you change your skincare regime during winter?

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