5 Ways To Maximise Your Money

February 6, 2012

Budgeting is all well and good, but we often don’t get the long term results we want, and deserve. Noel Yeates, Macquarie Private Wealth Manager, shows us how to maximise your cash and become a smart investor.

1. Choose the right financial planner

Find somebody you click with. Just like your doctor, hairdresser or tax accountant, you need to trust this person has your best interests at heart. Start with a chat about your goals, and go from there.

2. Invest in deeper pockets

Achieving your goals in life usually involves starting out with a plan and investing is no different. Creating an investment plan can help you focus on your goals, identify priorities and encourage you to set achievable targets.

3. Preparing for your first meeting

Make a list of your top three goals and priorities. What are you saving for? Having clear goals will help when setting timelines and targets with your financial planner.

4. Master the basics by keeping track of your expenses

Come armed with a spreadsheet detailing income, expenses, assets and debt; this will clearly show how much room you have to move and the things you could be saving money on.

5. Don’t keep all your eggs in one basket
Cover all your bases. Don’t live on a knife’s edge riding the ups and downs of the market – talk to your planner about investing in a range of assets. This could include assets like cash, shares, fixed interest and property.

What are your financial goals for 2012?

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