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5 Ways To Put The Spark Back In Your Relationship

5 Ways To Put The Spark Back In Your Relationship

It’s easy to feel a little blah in your relationship, but don’t worry – here’s 5 easy ways to get the spark back and fall even more in love with your partner.

1. Share a special bottle of wine

Remember those cheap dates in the early stages of your relationship, and how butterfly-inducing they were? Grab a special bottle of wine – it doesn’t have to be expensive, perhaps it comes from a place you once visited? – and head to a scenic spot with two glasses. Sit, sip and savour this very special moment together.

2. Let the games begin!

Have a games night: go bowling, play Wii, challenge yourselves to a game of tennis! There’s good reason why kids love games – it’s fun! And nothing sparks the flames like fun and laughter.

3. Remember to touch

The small act of touching your partner, whether that’s holding hands across the table at dinner, or giving each other a tickle while you watch TV, is hugely important. Touching releases pheromones which make you and your partner feel truly loved.

4. Be mindful

Stop for a moment – and together get in the moment. You’re probably rushing around and making plans for weeks and months in advance, but practise mindfulness and living in the moment. Instead of focusing on the week ahead, concentrate on what you’re both doing right now.

5. Take dance lessons

I know what you’re thinking: dance lessons aren’t for you! But, what have you got to lose? Get inspired by Dancing with the Stars: try one lesson and we’re sure you’ll be hooked! At the very least you’ll have a laugh, and who knows, you may even have great rhythm together!

What’s your favourite way of rekindling the love?

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